ribit has created a process which allows us to produce the best product to meet your marketing goals and interactive needs. This allows us to create an exciting, appealing, informative product. You, the client, become an active participant in the creation as we implement a series of checkpoints throughout the project.


Each project begins with identifying your needs. We develop a flowchart for web/e-commerce/interactive projects. We also identify the key players and set up all systems for the development of the project.


Working the defined marketing objectives, our creative team will develop an overall look that is appropriate and consistent with your current market branding. Navigation is designed that is easy to use and requires minimal clicks. Several concepts are developed that, with input from you, are then refined to one solution.


The technical skills and the creative ability of the team allows them to combine the design elements with sound and video (when applicable) to effectively deliver the message. Each element is carefully constructed to balance form and function. The latest technologies are employed to build the final product. We always strive to work closely with you to assure complete satisfaction.


We then test the functionality of the project. Any revisions are identified and then implemented into the existing work. Regular maintenance and updates will keep the project fresh and effective to continued users or new viewers. The web sites we design can be easily updated by you, the client.

ribit also designs and implements offline marketing and promotion products necessary to ensure the success a marketing campaign, web site, or trade show.