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Kauffman Marrion Kauffman Foundation Educational CD-ROM

This is one in a series of CD-ROMs produced to educate entrepreneurs on the benefits of using equity compensation as a fast-growth business strategy. The CD-ROM highlights successful entrepreneurs who give invaluable advice to those investigating the possibility of using equity compensation.

ribit produced all video included, interviewing entrepreneurs in four US locations including Washington D.C. and La Jolla, California. All narrative included in the CD was written by ribit.

Included in the program is approximately 50 minutes of video, a tool that helps users determine their own objectives, and a creative format designed to enhance learning. ribit was able to meet the Kauffman Foundations’ communication goals, complete the project on time and within budget for this Kansas City, Missouri non-profit organization.

The creative theme of the CD is paper and our design used the analogy of a paper wheel, a paper slider, etc. to allow the user to navigate the various sections.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation CD-ROMEwing Marion Kauffman Foundation CD-ROMEwing Marion Kauffman Foundation CD-ROM


Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts Recruitment CD-ROM

This interactive CD-ROM was sent to prospective students to interest them in attending SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts. The program includes basic information about SMU as a whole, the Meadows School as an entity within SMU, as well as specific information about the programs offered through “Meadows”.

ribit created the overall interface design to give a true feel for the atmoshpere of each department. An essential component in establishing the mood is the use of student music, video, voice talent and artwork throughtout the program. ribit was challenged to create a CD-ROM that would appeal to the prospective applicants (ages 17 to 19) as well as to appeal to their parents.

SMU, Meadows CD-ROM BrochureSMU, Meadows CD-ROM BrochureSMU, Meadows CD-ROM BrochureSMU, Meadows CD-ROM BrochureSMU, Meadows CD-ROM Brochure


ribit Portfolio CD-ROM

ribit designed this CD to highlight the many projects that we had created, we included a 3-D animation to show all of our capabilities to our audience. This was a way to allow everyone on the creative team to have a project with unlimited creative scope. It is where all our frog paintings originated from!

ribit Portfolio CD-ROM

Author: Robin Moss

Robin Moss is the founder and top frog at ribit, headquartered in Addison, Texas. Under Robin's guidance ribit has leaped into forefront of custom WordPress web site design, and highly strategic online and offline marketing campaigns.

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