The Green Chemical Store

February 10, 2013
by Robin Moss

The Green Chemical Store came to ribit to: update their existing web site add a catalog of their existing products add video to their web site add social media to their web site “refresh” their existing logo and give it … Continue reading

Google Web Fonts, Will They Change the World?

December 8, 2010
by Robin Moss

The constant battle over fonts on a web site, is there a solution in sight? Clients always want to have beautiful fonts on their web sites, the only way we have had to do that and assure that “everyone” can … Continue reading

Google Instant Saving Seconds and Changing SEO Forever

September 30, 2010
by Robin Moss

Those of us working with SEO had to come to grips with the fact that every “searcher” gets slightly different results (due to their search history) making our jobs slightly harder, but now Google is psychic. In an effort to … Continue reading